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While spending time in an online pre-abortion support forum, I recently asked a mother who killed her little girl at 24 weeks what her experience was like. “Karyn” had been at a late-term killing facility similar to the one shown here in Orlando, FL where the mommies and daddies wait in line for their turn to kill.

Karyn responded:

“I talked to them a lot about the needle to stop Bethany’s heart. They promised me it would be simple and easy for her. I felt her moving for a couple weeks before the procedure. She was moving some as they got ready. And, even as I waited for the needle, I felt her moving. She kicked more as they put the needle in. But then when they injected her, she just gave a couple quick kicks and got still. To me that was better then her being awake as they put the tools inside to start taking her out. (I’d be so scared of feeling her kicking as they started to work.)

“Some of me was thinking about having a baby and being a mommy. Then reality would intrude and remind me about money, plans, time and everything else that made it not the right time to be a mommy.

“I named her Bethany. I found that it helped to not try and deny that she was a baby.”

— Karyn (who now volunteers as an abortion counselor, encouraging other late-term mommies to do the same to their little boys and girls, no matter how old they are in the womb, she says)

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