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The problem of teenage pregnancy is a good problem to consider, and it begs the question:

IS teenage pregnancy even the “problem”?

The answer to that question will stem from your worldview.
I suppose the general view of most Americans is that teen pregnancy is a problem because teens are “too young to be burdened with the care and responsibility of raising a child.”
They would argue that “teens have their whole lives ahead of them — college, careers, partying, friends, dating, finding ‘the one’ — and shouldn’t have to be burdened with providing for a little one.”
“They are too young to be mommies and daddies,” most would argue.

In the Biblical worldview, however, teenage pregnancy is not sin. Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a teenage mother, after all.
Her baby — the son of God, Jesus — was not sin personified.

Teen pregnancy is not a “social problem” in our society.
Babies are not the problem.
Growing, pregnant bellies are not the problem.
The true problem is “teen fornication” (or fornication at any age, for that matter).

This young mother’s problems are not stemming from a growing baby bump. The root problem of her situation is that she has been fornicating with at least two guys.

The Bible is clear that children — all children, even children conceived by unwed, teenage mothers — are GIFTS from the Lord (Psalm 127:3) and “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14).

The problem — the sin — is FORNICATION.

In 2011–2013, among unmarried 15–19-year-olds, the Guttmacher Institute reports that 44% of females and 49% of males had had sexual relations.
That is nearly HALF of teenagers willingly creating children that they, by and large, prefer to not bear responsibility for…
or even keep, in many instances.

In that same year’s study, approximately 553,000 U.S. women aged 15–19 became pregnant. (Note: That number does not include the mothers who became pregnant before the age of 15.)
89% of these teen births occurred outside of marriage.
26% of these babies conceived by teenage mothers were, sadly, put to death.

The problem of teen pregnancy is that God designed intimacy — and the babies that come from sexual union — to be good and beautiful and lovely, but strictly within the confines of marriage.

Teen pregnancy is wrong because it violates God’s law to “flee fornication” (I Corinthians 6:18) and fails to heed God’s warning that “all fornicators will find their part in the lake of fire” (Revelation 21:8).

If there’s one thing I wish Christians could get straight when talking about abortion, it is this:

Pregnancy is not sin. Babies are not sin personified.
And we do not “fix” the sin of fornication by killing off the baby conceived in fornication (or adultery, for that matter).

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This young mother has the full support of her family in keeping her baby; however, she plans to murder him/her anyway. Notice how she knows it’s a “baby.” This is the fruit of teenage fornication.

As my friend Elizabeth — a former teenage mother — puts it:
“There is never a Biblical command to repent of parenthood.”

If you want to “fix” the “problem” of teen pregnancy,

teach that both fornication (the root sin of teen pregnancy)
and abortion (the reactive sin to teen pregnancy)
are just that — sin –, and that teens must repent of both by the grace of God.

Any pregnant teen can choose to be a good mommy (or daddy) to their little one with a bit of extended family help and/or tapping into various pro-life and abolitionist resources. A teen can also always choose a loving, forever family via adoption as a last resort; however, murder via abortion should never be an option no matter the young mother’s age.

Teens, you are not a victim. Despite what society tells you, you do not have to auto-abort when you discover that you are pregnant with a child conceived via your decision to engage in the only act that creates a baby in the first place. Repent, turn from your sexual immorality, seek help via your mom, dad, pro-life resources, and a local church,… and turn to Christ. He is mighty to save.

The root problem of this 14 year old’s situation was her willing fornication with another 14 year old, her rebellion, and her dishonoring of her parents.

** Many pro-life organizations including many Pregnancy Help Centers do not get to the ROOT sin of teen pregnancies leading to abortions. They simply tell their clients that they shouldn’t fornicate because they might get an STD.

The root problem of this girl’s felt “need” for an abortion is not a lack of support in keeping her baby or a lack of good medical care. Her root problem is her rebellion against her parents, which is as the sin of witchcraft. (I Sam. 15:23)

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