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Second Victim Narrative Heard in Nashville

The second victim narrative was recently heard on the floor of the 2021 Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) annual meeting in Nashville Tennessee. 

There were two resolutions relating to the issue of abortion which were brought before the Messengers of the SBC for consideration during the 2021 annual meeting of the largest association of evangelical churches in America.

Resolution on the Hyde Amendment

The first was the resolution was “On Taxpayer Complicity in Abortion and the Hyde Amendment.”

In this resolution the language stated that the SBC Messengers, “RESOLVED, That Southern Baptists should work through all available cultural and legislative means to end the moral scourge of abortion as we also seek to love, care for, and minister to women who are victimized by the unjust abortion industry.”

An amendment was proposed to this language which would strike the language about women being victimized by the abortion industry and replace it with language stating that Southern Baptists should “preach the Gospel and urge repentance from all men and women guilty or complicit in the sin of abortion.”

The video above is the response of one of the SBC Messengers, Dana McCain, arguing against the amended language to the resolution. She urges her fellow Southern Baptists to believe that it is a “punative and hard-hearted position” to reject the automatic victimhood persona for women who abort their sons and daughters.

It was argued that those who would vote against language that automatically gives victim status to women who choose to abort, are “not having the mind of Christ toward those women.”

Ultimately the Hyde resolution was adopted, and in this case the SBC Messengers voted down the proposed amended language, and overwhelmingly in favor of retaining the victimhood language in this resolution.

Resolution on Abolishing Abortion

The second resolution considered by Southern Baptists this year was the resolution on abolishing abortion.

This resolution was also passed by a hefty majority of the Messengers in attendance. This was no small statement from the gathering of over 14,000 Southern Baptists. Considering that the resolution repudiated and repented of previous incremental methods of fighting abortion which demonstrate partiality and establish unjust and unequal application of laws and that it left no room for exceptions, it was a bold statement to make.

The Resolution on Abolishing Abortion affirmed that “the murder of preborn children is a crime against humanity that must be punished equally under the law.” 

One might think this language would fall under the same rebuke of being “punative and hard-hearted” that was leveled against those who wanted the victimhood language removed from the Hyde resolution, yet the resolution passed with an overwhelming majority.

The Second Victim Eclipses the First

It is easy to see how the second victim narrative often actively works against justice. It is a narrative that isn’t content with merely seeking compassion and understanding for a woman who may be in a difficult situation, sometimes due as much to the sins of others as her own. It often actively argues against establishing justice for preborn children because it is believed that women are all victims. Most pro-life Christians (including legislators) do not hesitate to say they would NEVER vote for criminalizing women who get abortions.

Supposed compassion for women turns into a weapon to wield against justice. If women are all victims too, then it is not a far leap to believe that it is hard-hearted and unChristlike to treat them like they have done murder when they abort their children. The call for equal protection under the law (including penalties when laws are violated) for preborn babies becomes something we no longer fight for at all because we have decided it isn’t compassionate.

Supposed compassion for women turns into a weapon to wield against justice.

We present a great deal of evidence on this site in the form of videos, screenshots, and first-hand accounts, showing that many actively aborting women are not victims in even the smallest of ways. 

Excepting all women from culpability for their actions under the law isn’t compassionate toward those women who need the restraint of the law to keep them from sinning against their own children in such a grievous way. 

It certainly isn’t compassionate toward their children who are twice victimized: first because they are murdered by their own parents and second because we withhold justice under the law for the premeditated actions against them.

Jesus didn’t come to abolish the law. He explained that “You shall not murder” is still His command, and that even hatred in our hearts violates His standard (Matthew 5). The mind of Christ is that whatever we do (or don’t) do for the least of these, we do for Him.

The true victims of abortion are the thousands of innocent babies who lose their lives every day, not those who premeditate their deaths.

The 2021 Messengers of the SBC made the right choice. They voted for abolishing the legal murder of the least of these, our preborn neighbors, without exception and without compromise.

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