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In contrast to many pro-life organizations’ statements that “64 to 80% of mothers are ‘coerced’ or ‘forced’ into their abortions” (like this statement from Heartbeat International here), the Guttmacher Institute has compiled actual solid research data regarding “coerced” or “forced” abortions — data that matches what many Christians who minister to actively aborting mothers have observed regularly over decades of ministry. [This category of pregnant mothers is to be distinguished from observations at the Pregnancy Centers of the “abortion-VULNERABLE” which are an entirely different group of mothers. Read more about that difference here.]

The Guttmacher Institute states that the data from their study was gathered from the information provided by the mothers at one U.S. killing place — presumably in the days or moments before the mothers chose to slaughter their little sons and daughters.


Various restrictions on abortion have been imposed under the pretense that women may be uninformed, undecided or coerced in regard to their decision to terminate a pregnancy. Understanding whether certain women are at risk of low confidence in their abortion decision is useful for providing client-centered care and allocating counseling time to women with the greatest needs.


Data were abstracted from the pre-counseling needs assessment form and clinical intake form of 5,109 women who sought 5,387 abortions at one U.S. clinic in 2008. Multivariate logistic regression was used to analyze variables associated with women’s high confidence in their abortion decision.


For 87% of the abortions sought, women had high confidence in their decision before receiving counseling.

[The article then goes on to state, citing additional studies: “Fewer than 1% of women cite pressure from a partner or parent as the most important reason for their abortion.”]

Continue reading here…. [Link goes off-site to the Guttmacher Institute’s full study summary and results.]

** While the Guttmacher Institute is a research institute that is FOR “reproductive rights” (a.ka., abortion), is it bad reasoning to automatically invalidate their data because of their position on abortion. The Guttmacher Institute is a legitimate research institute that is independently reviewed. Guttmacher consistently puts out quality data that not only matches the observations of many Christian sidewalk counselors over decades of ministry to the actively aborting, but more importantly confirms what the Word of God has always said: that “murder… stems from the HEART” (Matt. 15:19). While Guttmacher will present their findings in a favorable light toward abortion, the careful reader will note that their research supports the fact that the heart of the problem of abortion… is indeed a problem in the heart of the mother.

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