How Do Mothers Memorialize the Babies They Kill?

How Do Mothers Memorialize the Babies They Kill?

You Don’t Memorialize a Clump of Cells

It may seem counter intuitive but many women today plan ways to remember or memorialize their babies after they abort them. Sometimes these rituals and remembrances are planned prior to the killing procedure, sometimes not until after. Women’s chosen methods of remembrance are as varied as the women who abort their children. A few common ways women choose to remember the babies they have chosen to kill are:

  1. Memorial tattoos
  2. Saving the ultrasound image (baby’s first and last picture)
  3. Making a memory box
  4. Burial of their child’s body if they aborted at home
  5. Naming their child
  6. Purchasing a piece of jewelry (a charm or a pendant) to wear
  7. Ceremonies performed before, after, or during their abortion
  8. Writing letters to their child before or after the abortion

These are just some of the ways aborting mothers are choosing to remember their dead children. We see many of these repeatedly spoken of within pro-abortion support groups. They are keeping momentos of the children they brought to a clinic and paid someone to kill, or poisoned to death with pills they took with their own hands.

What does this mean?

The major thing these killing rituals tell us is that women who abort know what they are doing.

They know that they are killing a child. They know this before they walk through the clinic doors.

They wouldn’t do these things for a wart or a tumor they had removed. They wouldn’t do this if they were being treated for parasites. They know that abortion is different. They know they are mothers. They know they are ending the lives of their children.

The shockingly common practice of rituals like this demonstrates that women are cognizant of their actions and that they have intent.

These women are not victims of their abortions, but their children most certainly are.

In their own words …

Many women name the babies they abort demonstrating that they clearly understand what they are doing.
She knows he’s a baby. She knows he has a spirit. She feels empowered by commemorating the killing of her son with this ritual.
She knows her baby is a person. She knows what she is doing is wrong and needs God’s forgiveness, but she hardens her heart and kills anyway.
Some women experience grief or regret of some kind related to their abortions, but in many cases it is not godly repentance, rather it is the worldly sorrow that leads to spiritual death (2 Corinthians 7:10).
Tattoos are a common way to remember an abortion. This woman has money for a vacation and a tattoo apparently but not to care for her child.
Abortion commemorating jewelry is a thing.
Some women prefer to dismiss and forget about what they have done, but that can be hard…
Abortion is always child sacrifice — sometimes women even think of it that way themselves.
Even when they can’t see all the fingers and toes, women still know. This one is preserving the remains for burial, while encouraging other women to kill.
She bought a rose for baby right before she killed, now keeps a memory box in the closet, BUT she’s as happy as ever with the abortion.
She is not the first woman to ask this question.
So many women name their babies before they abort them, and writing letters to baby is something often suggested in pre-abort support groups as a way to process feelings surrounding an abortion.

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