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Brett Baggett, pastor of Ekklesia Church Muskogee, is leading a gathering of Christians in Muskogee, OK through a Sanctity of Life Sunday event about moving from pro-life to abolition. Some excerpts from Pastor Baggett’s sermon:

The Lord gives the marching orders for individuals and for governing authorities. We have to decide whether to listen to the serpent who says “Did God really say?” or stand on the word of God, declaring, “Thus says the Lord.” Sadly, the pro-life establishment’s position is to keep showing partiality to the wicked. Most of the people arguing against abortion – they’re not calling for abortion to be abolished and they’re not calling for the prosecution of those who murder their babies.

Find some people on Facebook who spend time at abortion clinics pleading with women. They’ll tell you that the vast majority of people going to have abortions are not being coerced.

So many Christians, even pastors, say things like, “We can’t call abortion murder. We have to be compassionate to people who’ve had abortions.” I hear that a lot. But what about the actual victims of abortion? What about the babies being murdered? Those concerned about compassion for the people bringing their children to be murdered often are lacking compassion for the human beings being murdered.

People who want to kill their baby need to be told by our government, “You can’t do that.”

The real problem isn’t the abortionist. They’re bad, but the root of the problem are those who are offering up their own children to the god of self.

God has ordained the governing authority with the responsibility to uphold justice. They’re supposed to bear the sword as a terror to the evil doer, which is a deterrent toward evil like murdering a baby. Our government isn’t doing that.

Pro-lifers say that we can’t criminalize abortion because women don’t know what they’re doing because they’re indoctrinated. You know how to fix that? PASS A LAW SAYING IT’S ILLEGAL TO MURDER YOUR BABY. That will teach people that abortion is murder. Problem solved.

We must not make peace with child sacrifice. When we pass laws simply regulating abortion, that’s what were doing. We’re making peace with child sacrifice. Calling for anything less than abolition is giving approval to murder. If we’re okay with simply regulating abortion, were literally saying “it’s okay to murder a baby as long as the baby is young enough.” We must demand abolition.

Lord, help us to repent of making peace with regulating child sacrifice.

For anyone who’s had an abortion, know this: The Lord Jesus became a baby. He lived a perfect life and died for us sinners. Look to Jesus.

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