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We must dispense with the FALSE pro-life narrative that says aborting mothers are primarily victims who:

  • are coerced or forced into their abortions
  • think they are pregnant with a non-living clump of cells rather than a baby
  • don’t think they have any other choice
  • always regret it
  • don’t understand that abortion is killing

Let’s give women a little credit shall we? They are not that ignorant. They do, however, possess the capacity to do great evil to their children under cover of law, and laugh, joke, and shout about it later. They often do this proudly and without remorse.

The law is a teacher. This woman has learned that abortion is not murder because it is legal.
Abortion is not always a hard, gut-wrenching decision.
We need to listen to the “real feelings” of women who are actively aborting their children rather than pro-life preconceptions about them.
Abortion is a sin issue. Fornication often leads to murder.
Pre- and post-abortive mothers can be ruthless in their attitude toward their helpless babies.
Actively aborting mothers are primarily concerned about SELF. Abortion is the direct result of a me first attitude in moms and dads who don’t want to be inconvenienced with a needy child, whether that child is healthy or sick.
These are the kinds of moral dilemmas one gets into when deciding to murder a child. The conscience screams, don’t hurt your baby with alcohol, all the while plans for the killing appointment are in the works.
The cold relation of a child delivered into the toilet as simply part of the process, is chilling to many…but not necessarily to aborting mothers.
Women often pre-plan their abortions for IF they get pregnant. Abortion is not a last resort, in many cases, but an assumed course of action for women who don’t want children.
Getting memorial tattoos and naming babies pre-abortion are becoming common parts of the abortion experience for many mothers. This demonstrates that their abortion decision isn’t due to a lack of knowledge about the humanity of their baby.

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