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While many pre-abortive and post-abortive mommies find memes and comments like this to be amusing, not ALL aborting mommies joke like this.

Not every mother uses F-bombs to describe her baby.

Not every mother dances in the abortion clinic parking lot pre-kill or poses out front for a Facebook picture.

Not every mother says “they can scramble the baby like an egg,” yells “hail Satan; eat babies!,” or dedicates their “double fetus purge” to you, dear Christian.

Some mothers simply have not been given over by God in their sin to that level of hardness.

Now let me be clear, lest you misunderstand: that level of hardness you are seeing examples of all over this site is common in interactions with the actively aborting crowd. Christians who reach out verbally on the sidewalk or in writing to actively aborting mommies online regularly see some degree of jaw-dropping vileness in the mothers’ speech or actions surrounding their decisions to kill their little boys or girls.

(If you work at a Pregnancy Center, you likely will struggle to agree with that fact as there is confusion regarding what segment of mothers you dear folks reach out to vs. the actively-aborting. Read here to understand who the Pregnancy Centers are reaching vs. Christians ministering on the sidewalk).

But let’s talk now about the perceived “softer” mother.

The Bible says that murder — and abortion is murder — “stems from the HEART” (Matt. 15:19). It’s been wisely said in commentary on that verse: “The heart of the problem is a problem of the heart.” The Bible makes no bones about it. Abortion is a sin issue — a violation of the 6th commandment.

But where is the sin in that softer-spirited mother who just seems to need a little help and encouragement? Is she really guilty in the situation or is she just a victim of circumstance, coercion, and just a sad state of affairs?

Nothing beats answering that question like walking through a few real-deal cases, so let’s do that.

[Names hidden. Identities masked. Real abortions. My comments underneath each mother’s statement.]

This mother is the stereotypical “young, scared, and confused” aborting mother; however, she is not innocent. Her fear is self-centered, considering only what she will personally go through during the abortion. She admits she’s ready for a baby, but frankly, just doesn’t want it. Though this mother appears “softer,” she is guilty of a violation of the 6th commandment — “thou shall not murder” — via her deadly self-centeredness.

Despite this mother’s boyfriend failing to provide for his little one, she is not innocent. This mother is reaping the sad consequences of her decision to fornicate — to participate in the only act that creates children with a man she is not covenanted to in marriage. She is now tempted with the convenience of murdering their firstborn because of her violation of God’s law to “flee fornication.”

This mother describes herself as “scared” in the rest of her public post (not shown). With no mention of a husband, it is likely that this is another situation stemming from fornication. While this mother does have money to drink occasionally and pay for expensive medical school, she says she does not have money for a baby. She then states three times in various ways what I perceive to be the #1 reason she’s killing — she simply “doesn’t want this child.” Instead of making the appropriate sacrifices to raise the baby she chose to create, she’s willing to kill her little boy or girl to preserve her own plans for her life. She is “softening” the way her story comes across in a public post by trying to promote the idea to those reading that poisoning , vacuuming, or dismembering her little one is in the CHILD’S best interest.
Not every mother mocks God when terminating her child, but mocking God IS a common sin among the actively aborting .

Can you see, dear Christian, through what each mommy is writing on the surface to get to the ROOT sin issues in each mother’s story? … sin issues that are snowballing into plans to murder?

Keep your Biblical glasses on, and let’s look at a couple more. Once again, real abortions. No F-words. The “softer” mother.

This young mother is struggling with the sin of cowardice (Rev. 21:8) in confessing her sexual immorality to her parents. She is proud of her life (and pride is sin), but knows that her pregnancy will give evidence of her fornication and ruin her “perfect life” image. While this mother isn’t the cursing type, the sin of her situation is growing and growing because of a lack of Godly laws to RESTRAIN her sin.

This mother is also the stereotypical “confused” young mother, but she is not innocent. First, this mother and her boyfriend try to vacuum their baby. Doesn’t work. Then they try poisoning the child. Much to their horror, the baby still lives. She is two weeks from giving birth and STILL not sure if they will make a third attempt or not on the baby. Their reason for even THINKING of a third killing attempt? “Don’t want it.”

If we’re going to end abortion, we’ve got to be much more discerning — BIBLICALLY-discerning — as we read each mother’s story. Our goal as Christians reaching out to the aborting mama must be to see with Biblical eyes what her sin is, to show her that sin via God’s law, and to take her to the Savior… who died for fornicators and murderers who repent and trust in Him.

We mustn’t get distracted by her tears, thinking that tears automatically indicate an innocent or “victim” status in the abortion scenario. Instead, we must learn to express our compassion wisely, with gentleness and respect (I Pet. 3:15) — showing compassion where compassion is due and refraining from showing compassion toward sin.

And as we help each mama truly see her sin in light of God’s law, we do so recognizing that were it not for the grace of God in our own lives, we would be just as wicked.

While concerns about getting “fat” in pregnancy is a common reason given by mothers — particularly teen mothers — for planning an abortion, not every mother would post an open pic like this, of course.

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