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“No amount of preaching about how killing is wrong will help me to change my mind.”

“It can die tomorrow like they all do.”

“I’m only a ‘mother’ if I choose to be. The only one I am going to LOVE is ME.”

“Everyone should have at least one abortion in their life.”

“Abortion is liberating. I’ve never had warm, fuzzy maternal feelings. I don’t like children… period.”

“I’ll save you ALL problems, and just suck it out of the womb with a vacuum cleaner.”

“I LOVE ABORTION. Saying something else would be lying.”

“Abortion is preferred to nausea and weight gain and being tied down to a little brat the rest of my gd* life. I will GLADLY pay them to take the fetus out of my uterus and dispose of it.”

“I LIKE being a promiscuous slut and if a fetus keeps getting in my way of that I will abort it every. f*****g. time. ‘What’s in it for ME?’ is ALL that I care about.”

“Why do I need to explain ‘I don’t like children’? What part of that comment is not clear? Kids s***.”

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