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Women know it’s a baby. This abortionist even admits he freely uses the term baby in his office visits with the mothers as they discuss aborting their little ones.

WATCH abortionist LeRoy Carhart admit he is fine with committing abortions up until the moment of birth.

“I think that it is a baby.  I use [that term] with my patients.” 

—Abortionist LeRoy Carhart

While many well-meaning souls believe that actively aborting women don’t KNOW it’s a baby, this abortionist admits that he freely uses the term “baby” in discussions with patients in the exam room.

“If only they knew it was a baby…” is an outdated, old school, pro-life argument.

Today’s mothers know it’s a baby and know it’s killing. They just simply believe their personal situation justifies doing such.

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