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40+ Years of Focusing on Clinics instead of Justice

Since 1973 pro-life ministries, organizations, lobbyists, and politicians have focused their abortion-fighting momentum on abortion clinics and abortion doctors.

This is where the majority of pro-life legislation is focused—on regulating doctors and medical facilities. Pro-Life legislation nearly universally targets doctors and clinics while carefully exempting mothers who seek abortions from any kind of criminal repercussions for their actions.

Over the last nearly 50 years, there have been many people who go to clinics to reach out to abortion-bound moms and dads. They hold signs and call out to women with their voices, literally speaking up for the voiceless. There have been countless court cases to fight for the protection of freedoms of speech and religion and defend those who physically go to clinics and speak up for babies.

What will we do when the majority of American abortions no longer happen at clinics?

Medical pill (chemical) abortions have been on the rise for many years and are fast replacing surgical procedures for first-trimester abortions. Legally, women are required to have a doctor oversee the prescription of a medical abortion. They go to a clinic for an examination and to procure the pills, but the actual abortion happens at home when they take the pills which will cause them to expel their children into the toilet. Taking pills by their own hand and then spending the weekend with Netflix and a heating pad at home, is the increasingly common abortion experience for American women.

Self-Managed Abortion, Guttmacher

Even Guttmacher Institute (the premier pro-abort abortion statistic provider) makes note of the rise in “Self-Managed Abortion.”

Discreet and Easy—At Home Abortion

Not only that, but many women are now choosing to acquire their abortion pills via online sources and circumvent the need to go to a clinic at all. We can tell from our online outreach in pre- and post-abortive support groups that this method of abortion is utilized by thousands of women each year. They simply fill out an online questionnaire, pay the fee, and wait for their discreetly packaged pills to arrive in the mail. No doctor appointments. No uncomfortable examinations. No pro-lifers with signs. No driving hours to a distant abortion provider. You can even fake it off as a miscarriage if your significant other knows you’re pregnant and doesn’t want you to abort.

The rise in these doctor-free methods of abortion make our regulation of surgical procedures look a bit passé don’t they? We are rather behind the times in our abortion-fighting techniques. We are busily writing exceptions into all of our laws for the mothers to ensure they can never be criminalized even if they break our abortion-regulating laws. Meanwhile, they are binging on the latest season of their favorite Netflix series, while killing their kids at home.

In their own words…

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to what actively aborting women actually say about their own abortions.

Aborting a son at home

This mother is looking for ways to abort her son cheaply, at home. There are plenty of women ready to point her to sources for the pills to do just that.

Aborting a son at home

Online outreach is often done over the course of days or weeks as women schedule their appointments to procure abortion pills from an abortion clinic, or as they wait for their illegal pills to arrive in the mail.

Woman showing off the pills she's taking

This woman sent a pic of the pills she was taking to the Christian who was reaching out to her. Women who do this should be culpable for their actions. They are not victims.

I'm excited!

They are excited to commit their DIY at-home abortions.

Will pills work with twins?

The real question is, do your abortion pills get you a two for one deal if you’re pregnant with twins?

15 and 11 weeks pregnant

Women regularly search online for ways to abort their babies themselves, at home. Coat hangers are becoming a thing of the past as medical abortion pills become easy to access. Many teens get around parental notification laws in this manner.

Clinic or online pills?

These days women who WANT abortions are just weighing their options between cost and convenience.

Clinic or online pills?

It isn’t just America women who utilize online abortion pill providers to get around legal requirements, but American pro-abort women are often the ones pointing women like these to where to get the drugs and how to use them.

Medical pill abortions have changed the abortion game, it’s time to catch up

The availability and ease of access to medical pill abortions has demonstrated very clearly the culpability of American women for their abortions. They actively seek to source the pills either at clinics or online, they take the pills with their own hands, and they dispose of their baby’s remains themselves. They are the primary actors in the deaths of their children, with hardly anyone else in sight to blame.

These women are not victims, and our laws rob their children of justice.

Not a Victim FAQs

    • Won’t criminalizing women for abortion just increase unsafe back alley or coat hanger abortions that harm women?
    • Do you think capital punishment should be exercised for aborting women?
    • Why not pass heartbeat bills to protect the babies since they have more support than bills that criminalize women?