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A couple leaving a Texas abortion clinic became agitated and threatened Christian protesters after being turned away from the clinic because of the emergency executive order signed by Governor Greg Abbott banning all non-essential medical procedures.

The unidentified woman in the passenger seat of the SUV appears at one point in the video to get a weapon out of her purse and draw it on the Christians protesting and preaching at the clinic.

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It is a myth that most of today’s aborting mothers are innocent victims of the industry with no need for their actions to be criminalized. Most aborting mothers commit this great evil deliberately and their babies are the true victims of abortion.

There are two things that will truly help aborting mothers:

1) GODLY LAWS of abortion abolition (instead of pro-life regulation) that will restrain the sin of mothers against their children.
2) The GOSPEL: pre-abortion Gospel messagepost-abortion Gospel messagepre-abortive Gospel message (Spanish).

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