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When “Shannon,” — a teenage foster kid — announced publicly that she was aborting, she told several Christian women who lovingly and independently reached out to her to “Go save a puppy!”

Shannon was offered help with material things:

  • sonograms
  • a safe place to stay
  • and personal adoption

She responded:

“It doesn’t matter because I don’t want that kind of help. I want to get rid of the baby. I have a group of people wanting to help me to get the abortion and it’s happiness. They’re going with me and staying with me after if I want to. I will also have a discount on the abortion.
Who can solve my problems better?  No one.”

Shannon later explained that as a foster kid who has been abused:

“An abortion means a baby isn’t abused or locked away or not wanted because it’s too old. I’m happy and so f*****g GLAD abortion is an option where abusers and idiots won’t have a chance with the baby.”

When asked about her relationship with God, she explained that she does feel there is a God. She said she had some Christian foster parents who were kind to her once, but then went on to say:

“I’m not going to listen to [God].

He made the baby? He can have it right back. Even if he told me himself he doesn’t want me to kill it, I would never listen to him.”

Shannon finally decided to happily murder her firstborn on Wednesday explaining:

“I should have an aborted baby shower and give it a name in honor of someone. There’s no use trying to pretend my baby doesn’t exist. I’m going to call my baby Bridgette. And no one — not even the ones who support MY choice — is bothered by the word ‘KILL’ [in reference to what they are doing].”

So, little Bridgette, this is the story of your short life.
You were abused in a greater way by your mama than even those who abused her in the foster system…for at least her abusers didn’t leave her dead.

Your mama’s problem was not a lack of knowledge of you being a baby or a lack of knowledge of the abortion procedure or a lack of personal help, a place to stay, baby things, or an offer of adoption.

Your mama’s problem is that her heart is wicked.  “For out of the HEART comes… murder” (Matt. 15:19).

Despite all the difficulties of the foster system, your mama was still responsible for her own decision to abuse another to death — in this case, her own defenseless, little son or daughter.

In memory of little “Bridgette” (boy or girl, mama never cared enough to find out), 11 weeks gestation,… put to death by a hired assassin and his power tool on a regular Wednesday morning.

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