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Pro-life advocates must learn to listen to actively aborting women and actually hear what they are saying. Women walking into abortion clinics are not mostly scared teenagers who don’t understand what they are doing. Neither are they usually being coerced, forced, or bullied into killing their children. By and large, women in America understand what they are doing, and feel justified in doing it.

The unvarnished words of women pre-planning their abortions before they are even pregnant are often full of cruelty toward their sons and daughters before they are even conceived.
This mother knows it’s killing, and if she was blessed with a son, she wants him dead.
IVF often results in children being put to death because they did not fit the fantasy of parenthood in the minds of their mother and father.
The things post-abortive women say when asked if they were coerced into their abortions.
A pre-abortive woman taunts us on our page about her upcoming abortion. She’s ready to celebrate!
The gender confusion of this mother and her inability to discern an appropriate difference in value between plants, animals, and human beings created in the image of God create a dangerous situation for any children she may conceive.
Actively aborting women often talk about their babies like they are trash.
Many abortive mothers do not feel any regret.
Hate leads to murder of an innocent child who had no choice in his or her conception.
Many post-abortive women do NOT want people thinking they were coerced into their abortions. They are up front about it being their choice.

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