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When Madeline — a teenage church girl — posted publicly about her scheduled abortion, the pro-aborts commented suggesting that she remember her baby (and soothe her guilt) by lighting a candle every year on her baby’s date of death, or go for a souvenir sonogram picture that she could frame and keep.

But older, Christian women stepped in to challenge Madeline that she shouldn’t kill her little one in the first place.

“God’s Word says, ‘thou shall not murder,'” they told her.

In the 2 years that Madeline had sat in church, she had never heard that one before. Her pastor’s wife simply told her that God would forgive her if she wanted to kill her little infant.

My husband stepped in to confront Madeline’s boyfriend James — a church boy — about his need to provide for his little son/daughter.

James responded,

“I do not want to be involved in this baby’s life. Why the f*** would we have abortion in this world and not use it? Son or daughter, I do not f****** care. It is not a worthwhile human life to me.”

But as Christian ladies continued to reason with Madeline and offer help, the Lord changed her heart.

She wrote shortly before her abortion day,

“I cancelled my appointment.”

Rejoice with us! And let us give thanks to God for not only sparing this child’s life, but for some hints that we may be seeing a work of true, saving grace in Madeline’s heart as well.

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