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*This post-abortive testimony was submitted to not-a-victim in hope that it may be used of the Lord to help other post-abortive women articulate their sin Biblically and come to repentance and faith in Christ Jesus. In the wake of her own personal sin against her baby, Kristine now works tirelessly to see abortion made illegal and criminalized.

Kristine’s Story

It started when my mom decided she only wanted two children but then my dad got her drunk and….boom…my sister. So she made him go get a vasectomy cuz she was Roman Catholic and couldn’t use birth control 🤦‍♀️. Then the Jezebel feminism took over our home so we had all the money in the world because my dad was a supervisor at Bethlehem Steele and my mom worked 80 hours a week in Real Estate… and a housekeeper was left at home to clean our 3,000 sq ft house and watch us teenagers.

By the time I was 14 I was not only rebellious but lonely AND unsupervised. I met a boy and got pregnant.

My parents gave me 2 options, go 200 miles away from home, have my baby, and leave her there, or…abortion. Because I remember my dad saying. “Well, abortion is legal now.” paired with the fact that he was,in general, a law abiding citizen, I know that had the states fought Roe in 1973, my abortion in 1978 would not have an been option.
That said, my parents were doing what this humanist christianity taught them was best for me. But, I had to sign away the life of my child. The sin lies with me. I was a coward. Willful enough to get myself pregnant but not willful enough to fight for the life of my child.

Because my parents had means they paid to have me put to sleep during the assassination of my baby. I remember through the fog of the drugs thinking:

“Wait, I don’t want to do this! When I wake up I will be a murderer!”

And sure enough that single offering to Molech saddled me with demonic oppression that lasted the next 30 + years of my life. I never got another abortion, but I did participate in addiction so severe that I left my born children with my parents to shoot dope in flop houses. And was in and out of jails and institutions.
Then Jesus said, “Ok, my child. That’s enough. You are prepared for your mission. ” and saved me out of a seriously depraved lifestyle.

I am harsh because we have made this mess. Our generation and the 2 or 3 generations before us, practiced feminism and materialism, allowed the principalities and powers of darkness rise to the high places of our Union. I will not rest. I will not stop warning of the judgement to come until state sanctioned child sacrifice and the idolatry that makes it possible is abolished or God calls me home.

When He does, I will be able to look my child in the face and assure her her death was not in vain.