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*Kellen submitted his post-abortive testimony to not-a-victim in hope that it may be used of the Lord to help other post-abortive fathers articulate their sin Biblically and come to repentance and faith in Christ Jesus. In the wake of his own personal sin against his baby, Kellen now works to see abortion made illegal and criminalized.

Many pro-life orgs believe that all of society is a victim of abortion, including all those who are actively involved in perpetrating the act. The post-abortive father sharing his story below disagrees, and has found forgiveness for the sin of murder in Jesus Christ.

Kellen’s Story

The following is my testimony. Thank you for bearing with me and allowing me some time, it is greatly appreciated.

I am a post abortive father. I was dating a young woman whom I had gone to high school with and was at the time attending Washington State University. Her and I became close very quickly, probably to quickly. I would drive across the mountains from western Washington to visit here in Pullman every 2 weeks or so. The relationship was not a godly one so fornication was a part of our relationship. There was also a lot of drinking involved, especially with WSU being a school known for its riotous atmosphere.

I remember the day like it was yesterday, she asked me to run to the store to pick up a pregnancy test for her. When I returned to her apartment she went to the bathroom and shut the door. It was positive and she burst into tears. I was confused, afraid, I didn’t know what to do. She told me she planned to abort and asked me to help pay for it, which I did. It was a few days prior to thanksgiving, I drove her to the clinic and sat in the waiting room.

Knowing I had helped murder my own child is still painful. I praise God for his forgiveness and know someday I will be able to see my child in glory. God forgives the vilest of sinners, it is not to late to cry out for his mercy.