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** Cheryl submitted her post-abortive testimony to not-a-victim in hope that it may be used of the Lord to help other post-abortive women articulate their sin Biblically and come to repentance and faith in Christ Jesus. In the wake of her own personal sin against her baby, Cheryl now works tirelessly to see abortion made illegal and criminalized.

When I was 15 years I was pregnant with my first child. I murdered that child by abortion. Now, even at age 48 it still weighs on my heart. You never forget the day that you killed your own child who was growing in the safety of your womb. My child was a victim of homicide, perpetrated by the person that should have protected him or her: their own mother. I’ve experienced sorrow, guilt, and grieved. None of those things bring peace, comfort, or healing. 

It has only been in meeting the Lord Jesus Christ and coming to Him in repentance to be cleansed for my sins and crimes against Him that I have truly found two very important things: the truth of the heinous nature of my sin of murdering my child and utter peace in the forgiveness that He poured out on me. 

I am not, nor was I ever, a victim. My child and I walked into Planned Parenthood healthy, whole, thriving and alive 33 years ago. On that day, one of us was dismembered to death, suctioned out, and thrown away in the trash. My child was the undeserving victim of the atrocity of abortion.


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