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Get dat fetus, kill dat fetus

One of the songs that some pro-aborts like to pass around and laugh at is “Get ‘Dat Fetus; Kill Dat Fetus” by “artist” Jesse Novak (link to YouTube video). 

Here are some of the lyrics that pre- and post-abortive mothers and fathers find funny:

“I’m a baby killer, 
Baby killing makes me horny.
Aliens inside me,
Gonna squash it like Sigourney.”

[There is no denying in this song that it’s a baby or that they are killing.  The artist and those who enjoy the song are literally mocking what happens to a baby during an abortion.]


“Gonna get dat fetus, kill dat fetus,
Get dat fetus, kill dat fetus,
Brrap brrap, pew pew.
Brrap brrap, pew pew.” 

[No idea if the latter two lines are mocking the sound made during a suction abortion, but the lyrics are clear that the song is about “getting and killing dat fetus.”]

The song continues:

“Yo, all I wanna do
Is brrap brrap, pew pew.
I’ll bang bang a boom boom
From the womb to the tomb.”

“I’m a dolphin doll face.
B****es in my crawl space.
Have abortions sometimes?
No, I’m a have abortions always.” 


“Gonna get dat fetus, kill dat fetus,
Get dat fetus, kill dat fetus.
Brrap brrap, pew pew,
Brrap brrap, pew pew.”

And then more mockery of the pro-life position in the bridge:

“And sometimes I do have doubts and it’s hard to sleep.
I think about my child’s heartbeat and oh it makes me weep.
I hope and pray to god my little fetus has a soul.
Because I want it to feel pain when I eject it from my hole.” 

The song ends with the sound of a baby crying.

But while anyone could put up such disturbing content on YouTube, what’s most telling about this video is the COMMENTS:
Taylor says this about the song:

Ariel also thinks the song is great:

Other pro-aborts chime in:

And, it’s not just in the YouTube comments section. Aborting mothers cheer each other on all over social media with this song as they plan and carry out their abortions.

What a nation jokes about is very telling.

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