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Has Abby changed her mind?

Prominent Pro-Life figure, Abby Johnson, recently made comments in an interview that she has changed her mind on the question of whether women should be subject to penalties for getting abortions.

Abby acknowledges that this is a change of opinion for her and that many in the Pro-Life movement would disagree with her on this.

In that past she has stated publicly that she would not support legislation that would allow women to be prosecuted.

Abby Johnson, on criminalizing women

But in this interview she notes that she has seen the culture changing and how brazen many women are as they celebrate their abortions publicly with pride, and she agrees that if we believe that a fetus is a person then there must be some kind of penalty for taking a life.

Abby says:

When I first become pro-life I was very much against prosecution of women in all cases. I was like no, definitely no, we can’t prosecute women.

“The longer that I’ve been in this movement and I think the longer I’ve been away from Planned Parenthood and the more brazen I’ve seen abortion become in our society …  I just did a video on this woman who took an abortion pill on TV. Right, I mean abortion is supposed to be this  private thing, right, between a woman and her doctor and then you’ve got women taking abortion pills on TV. You’ve got women proudly proclaiming that they’re having five, six, seven abortions. You’ve got abortion pills being shipped through the mail.

“I think our culture’s changing. …I don’t think abortion is as a delicate issue as it used to be. I don’t think women are … agonizing over this decision as maybe they used to be. And if we really believe that the unborn, the preborn, are human beings then I think we have to act like it, and if we’re gonna act like it, then I think that there has to be penalty under the law for taking a life.

“Now I’m not saying that, you know, that we have to lock every woman up or whatever. That’s not what I’m saying. But I have come to a position where I believe that there does need to be due process.

“There would be some women who have absolutely been forced and coerced…completely ignorant, have no idea what’s going on. You know, their parents have forced them into making this decision. Should they be prosecuted? Absolutely not.

“But there are women who are very knowingly, very selfishly making the decision to have nine, ten, twelve abortions who are taking abortions [pills] on the steps of the Supreme Court out in the open, who are taking the abortion pill on national TV.

“Do I believe that those women should go through some sort of possible prosecution for the murder of their child? Yeah, I think there should be some justice there, and I think there should be some due process. And so I have sort of come to a different opinion on that as I’ve watched our culture change.”

This change of opinion by Abby is a good one, and we hope she and other Pro-Life leaders start taking a stand on the issue of equal protection under the law for preborn children. The same laws that protect us should protect them.

Check out the video above to hear her interview and commentary from the abolitionist lawyer, Bradley Pierce of Abolish Abortion Texas.

What is the Second-Victim Narrative?

The Pro-Life Second Victim narrative portrays the woman who seeks an abortion as the second victim of abortion along with her baby. It claims that women are ignorant of what they are doing or that they are nearly all forced, coerced, or pressured into the decision, and therefore, they are not truly guilty parties in the act of killing their children.

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  • It is a major obstacle to establishing laws of equal protection for preborn babies
  • It is a barrier to the GOSPEL message which must call sin, sin. The Gospel calls on all women and men to repent and turn away from their sin and be cleansed from their guilt by trusting in Jesus Christ alone for their salvation. Jesus said, "I tell you; but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish."—Luke 13:3

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Not a Victim FAQs

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