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What is the Second-Victim Narrative?

The Pro-Life Second Victim narrative portrays the woman who seeks an abortion as the second victim of abortion along with her baby. It claims that women are ignorant of what they are doing or that they are nearly all forced, coerced, or pressured into the decision, and therefore, they are not truly guilty parties in the act of killing their children.

#NotAVictim is debunking this narrative BECAUSE

  • It is false (stick with us, join our email list below and let us show you)
  • It is a major obstacle to establishing laws of equal protection for preborn babies
  • It is a barrier to the GOSPEL message which must call sin, sin. The Gospel calls on all women and men to repent and turn away from their sin and be cleansed from their guilt by trusting in Jesus Christ alone for their salvation. Jesus said, "I tell you; but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish."—Luke 13:3

Not a Victim FAQs

    • Won’t criminalizing women for abortion just increase unsafe back alley or coat hanger abortions that harm women?
    • Do you think capital punishment should be exercised for aborting women?
    • Why not pass heartbeat bills to protect the babies since they have more support than bills that criminalize women?