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Someone recently sent this article here to our site showing just how upside-down, messed-up, and twisted the pro-abort position has become. Abortion is no longer just a regretful “choice” to some mothers, but a flat-out “beautiful” experience.

Yes, you read that right.

Poisoning a baby, dismembering him/her alive, or attacking the poor child with a power tool (the vacuum) now makes for a sweet and lovely day in the pro-abort mind.

The article provides several testimonials of this “beautiful” killing experience:

Caitlyn, 31 years old, relates her abortion experience to her family member’s home cooking and gorgeous scenery: “If I made a list of things in my life that were beautiful—things that were truly and utterly full of gorgeous light and warmth and love—it would include my bisabuela’s home-cooking, the West Virginia valleys and mountains I call home, and both of my abortions….. I cuddled up with blankets and a cat on the couch, and watched music documentaries while waiting for the second round of pills to work. They did! I passed a small amount of blood and tissue into the toilet. I felt so relieved. It was beautiful. ” [Notice her excitement via the use of an exclamation point as she realizes her baby has indeed been successfully poisoned.]

Jordyn, 23 years old, so enjoyed her killing experience that she’s now an “abortion storyteller”: “The clinic staff and my doctor were incredibly warm and kind, making the decision that I already knew was correct for me an incredibly empowering and beautiful experience. What’s also beautiful is that I became an advocate, working to organize young folks with URGE: Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity, and an abortion storyteller with We Testify to bust stigma, because there is no shame in having an abortion,….” [No shame in poisoning, dismembering, or attacking a child to death by vacuum? Have we lost our MINDS?!]

Holly, 25 years old, wasted no time making her decision to slaughter her little son or daughter: “I remember standing in my bathroom with my back against the door and dramatically sliding down until I plopped on the floor. Instantly, the test read positive. I immediately burst into tears and frantically took to the internet. I needed an abortion, and I needed it now. My decision to have an abortion wasn’t a difficult one. It was a necessary one, and it was a beautiful one.” [Notice that Holly’s decision to kill wasn’t a decision she had to wrestle long hours with. It was fast and easy coming to the decision to take human life.]

Michelle, 38 years old, and her husband found out via sonogram that their son had Trisomy 13. While we have compassion for Michelle and her husband in finding out that their son was deemed “incompatible with life,” what an upside-down decision to rush in to kill their son before he could die naturally in God’s timing: “After searching our hearts and soul, and crying a river of tears, my husband and I decided the most compassionate and loving thing we could do as parents would be to end the pregnancy.  Even though I had an abortion, it was an act of love, and my son was still welcomed into the world with loving arms, and he only knew the love, warmth, and security of his mother. ” [When we as parents receive news that our child has a fatal medical condition, it is never right to rush in to kill that child. God has said, “thou shall not murder” — meaning, by that, that it is always morally wrong to kill another human being unjustly. While the world promotes the pro-abort position in situations like this as “compassionate” and along the lines of a “mercy kill,” the Bible says differently: “the tender mercies of the wicked are CRUEL” (Prov. 12:10). Children with challenging medical conditions that appear to have no hope deserve the best in medical care and comfort measures — not the “beautiful experience of abortion.” ]

Michelle L., also 38 years old, now works for an abortion charity after the “beautiful” experience of killing her baby: “I had an abortion when I was 19 years old in Columbus, Ohio. I had been worried that I was pregnant for some time, which was confirmed after I broke down and bought a pregnancy test from a 24-hour CVS late one night. I was busy working and going to school full-time while parenting my daughter, who was born my senior year in high school. I knew that I did not have the capacity for, nor did I want, another child. My decision to have an abortion was one I made easily and without hesitation. ” [Notice that just like Holly, Michelle did not have to think and think about whether to kill her daughter’s younger sibling. It was an easy decision. Abortion automatically followed the positive pregnancy test which, of course, follows the only act that creates a child in the first place.]

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