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Those in the pro-life camp generally believe that women who get abortions almost universally regret it.

We have addressed this misconception about abortive women in America elsewhere, but the evidence just continues to mount.

Contrary to the narrative promoted by many pro-life organizations, many women express joy, thankfulness, happiness, and relief about their abortions.

This doesn’t mean that there are no women who regret aborting their children. Of course, there are some women who regret it, and some who even humbly repent of their sin and and are born again in Christ and washed clean of the sinful stain of murder. We rejoice when that’s the case.

Why do we keep pointing out the worst cases?

Then why do we insist on constantly pointing out the women who are brazen, who demonstrate a rebellious, loud-and-proud attitude about killing their kids?

We point this out because the predominant attitudes seen when ministering to actively-aborting women, either at physical clinics or via online outreach, are: rebellion, apathy, selfishness, pride, indifference, arrogance, and so on.

Christians who do outreach to actively aborting mothers (either at clinics or online) will tell you that even when every kind of help is offered and every possible plea for mercy given, most women will still abort their sons and daughters. Christian outreach to abortion-bound women is critical to the fight against abortion, BUT even so, only a tiny percentage of mothers who have set their intentions to abort change their minds and have mercy on their children.

Women want to abort their children.

Many of them don’t regret it once they do.

They murder their children under cover of law, and that needs to change.

How do many women feel about their abortions?

The pro-life narrative that nearly all women who abort their babies regret it or are tormented by their decision is simply inaccurate. Some women do experience sadness or regret, but MANY women do not.

These women will not be coming to pro-life pregnancy centers for counseling because they do not want it. These women, oftentimes, kill repeatedly without regret, and encourage others to do the same.

The only thing that will protect babies in the wombs of mothers like these are laws which offer equal protection and equal justice to pre-born babies.

Not a Victim FAQs

    • What about women who HAVE to abort to save their lives?
    • Why don’t you just help women understand the joy of children? If they did, they would not abort.
    • Isn’t promoting BIRTH CONTROL a better answer than criminalizing women for abortions?