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Abortion is not solely a “resources problem” (although that can be an influencing factor, of course). It is first and foremost a sin issue — a matter of the heart. Similar statements are these are heard every ministry day by those who minister to aborting moms and dads at America’s killing places.

“I’m happy to kill my baby today!”
-aborting mother as she smiled and waved flirtatiously

“Hail, Satan!! Hail, Satan!! Hail, Satan!!”
-woman at the murder mill

“Run her over!!!! Run her over!!!!”
aborting grandmother screaming at the cars to run over Christians offering help to the mothers.

“What’s going on today, sir, that you just dropped off that woman at the abortion clinic? Why do you feel that you have to do this to your baby today?”

“It’s my wife in there. It’s not a good time financially to have a kid.”

“Yet you had the $450 to pay Abortionist Rosenfeld to take your baby’s life…. What if you went inside and got that money back, got your wife and baby out of there, and then we gave you guys a baby shower — getting you the things you will need to get started with the raising of your baby?”

“It’s not the material things for the baby I’m concerned about. It’s the labor and delivery. It’s going to cost $5,500.”

“What if we could completely eliminate that cost for you, sir? Would you then go rescue your baby inside the waiting room? What if you didn’t have to pay a penny for labor and delivery?” (Note: We want to be careful to not say that unless we can keep our word, but we had some info. regarding covering that cost for this type of situation).

His response before he quickly drove off:

“Ma’am, I would rather pay my HUNDREDS here to have this abortion than for us to have a COMPLETELY FREE labor and delivery.”

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