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Why do pro-life organizations often fight AGAINST abolishing abortion and providing equal protection to all babies?

Here are NINE root issues behind the chronic problem of the pro-life movement killing the bills that would abolish abortion:

1. The secular pro-life movement is not grounded in God’s law.

“You shall not murder” (take human life unjustly) – as a basis for morality and legislation. Thus, they are willing to violate God’s law if human beings are really small and can’t feel pain. This leads to fighting for bills that protect OLDER babies with visible arms and legs and a little pug nose rather than all human life.

2. Counterfeit compassion.

The secular pro-life movement portrays it as compassionate care for rape victims to allow babies conceived in rape to be executed because of the sins of their fathers. Biblical compassion acknowledges the humanity of both mother and child and doesn’t sentence anyone to death for a crime they did not commit.

3. The silence of the pulpits.

The overwhelming majority of churches are not bothered in the least bit about the babies being butchered to death in the shadow of their church steeples.

4. Desire to protect IVF and potentially abortifacient birth control methods.

The secular pro-life movement knows that bills of abolition would prohibit the taking of human life.  This would be extremely problematic for a process like IVF that nearly always deliberately destroys human embryos and/or locks conceived embryos in cryogenic prison for years on end. Pro-life orgs would generally rather not talk about the hundreds of thousands of babies who lose their lives to these processes than to give up their abortifacient birth control and wicked IVF practices.

5. Ignorance of legislators.

Pro-life legislators think “life begins at the heartbeat” and “laws work retroactively– giving women who had abortions before it was illegal, the death penalty.” #Myths

6. Being completely out of touch with pro-aborts and actively aborting women.

The secular pro-life movement seems to get most of their info. about “aborting mothers” from the mothers seeking out help for their pregnancies at the Pregnancy Help Centers. Thus, they view them as soft and sweet and just in need of a little bit of help. They are out of touch with the middle finger-wagging mothers at the abortion clinics who are LOUD and PROUD about their abortions and would never in a million years go to a pro-life Preg Center for help.

7. National Right to Life (and many of their state affiliates).

Legislators look to Right to Life groups as an authority on which pro-life legislation to support or oppose. National Right to Life advises legislators to regulate baby-killing like healthcare. James Silberman, Communications Director for abolitionist organization Free the States, put it this way:  “Defunding Right to Life would do more to abolish abortion than defunding Planned Parenthood.”

8. Ignorance of the self-managed abortion market.

Self-managed abortion is when a mother kills her preborn baby outside the mainstream medical system by sourcing abortion pills online or some other DIY method. No doctor or clinic is needed for a self-managed abortion.

The secular pro-life movement focuses on stopping only the abortionists rather than the mothers who pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to HIRE the abortionist and otherwise ASSIST the abortionists in assaulting their little ones to death. They are completely unaware that aborting mothers do not NEED a professional abortionist to kill their babies today. And exemptions are written into nearly all pro-life laws to prohibit civil or criminal liability for mothers, so self-managed abortion is essentially legalized for them.

9. The perceived “innocent victimhood of the aborting mother.” 

THIS IS THE ISSUE BLOCKING MOST OF THE BILLS. While the secular pro-life movement is big on offering “auto-forgiveness in Christ Jesus” for post-abortive women, they refuse to acknowledge that there is any great sin for which these mothers need to actually be forgiven. They blame-shift the mothers’ sin on to Planned Parenthood alone – thinking that abortion occurs against the mothers’ will. They believe no mother anywhere could ever be so wicked as to intentionally kill her little boy or girl.

They know that if we abolish abortion, the law would have to be enforced by punishing those who [going forward] would choose to violate it. And they (in their ignorance of aborting mothers) do not want to punish women they perceive as innocent. Thus, they will not abolish abortion.

What is the Second-Victim Narrative?

The Pro-Life Second Victim narrative portrays the woman who seeks an abortion as the second victim of abortion along with her baby. It claims that women are ignorant of what they are doing or that they are nearly all forced, coerced, or pressured into the decision, and therefore, they are not truly guilty parties in the act of killing their children.

#NotAVictim is debunking this narrative BECAUSE

  • It is false (stick with us, join our email list below and let us show you)
  • It is a major obstacle to establishing laws of equal protection for preborn babies
  • It is a barrier to the GOSPEL message which must call sin, sin. The Gospel calls on all women and men to repent and turn away from their sin and be cleansed from their guilt by trusting in Jesus Christ alone for their salvation. Jesus said, "I tell you; but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish."—Luke 13:3

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Not a Victim FAQs

    • Why do you want to prosecute women? It’s the abortionist who is doing the killing.
    • Don’t most women regret their abortions?
    • What would happen if a state WERE to pass a bill of abortion abolition?