This site contains content that some visitors may find disturbing. Visitor discretion is advised.

We often get objections from people to the content on this site. They say, “How dare you as a CHRISTIAN post quotes from these mothers. You shouldn’t post what they say to the general public. It’s gossip! You should respect their privacy while they’re making the hardest decision of their lives.

Here are 13 reasons why we disagree with those who think this information must remain hidden and private:

  1. Pro-life Americans don’t understand WHO aborting women are.
    There is a general misunderstanding that those who are aborting are a group of young, crying, ignorant little mothers who don’t know that it’s a baby and don’t know it’s killing and sort of “accidentally” got pregnant one time when they messed up. There is confusion in our pro-life midst that an “actively aborting mother” is the same thing as a “mother with an unplanned pregnancy,” rather than a sub-group of the latter that we are not reaching very well. “Expose the deeds of darkness.” (Ephesians 5:11).
  2. The victims need a voice.
    These children’s stories should be told — not as we perceive them to be (which will be argued) —, but straight from the lips of those doing this evil. Names are always changed for mother and child. “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.” (Proverbs 31:8).
  3. Murder should be prosecuted in open court — not kept hidden and private.
    You and I would never say that someone committing another type of murder deserves privacy while murdering. We would never say that someone committing another type of CRIME deserves privacy. Child molesters want privacy. Rapists prefer it as well. Come to think of it, so do thieves. Do we respect their desires for secrecy?
  4. Ignorance and apathy need to be confronted.
    Christians need to wake up to what is happening in the shadow of their steeples and chimneys. It should be uncomfortable for us to sit in our churches on Sunday while innocent children are being slaughtered down the street. It should disturb us that human beings are being unjustly killed every day while the majority of highly funded pro-life organizations call the perpetrators of this killing victims instead of murderers.
  5. The announcements to kill are often made publicly on the internet or in the public square.
    The content you see on this site comes from posts made openly on the internet and in public interactions at the abortuaries or in the public square. The mothers and fathers often post their plans publicly that they will be killing. There is no confidentiality agreement we are violating, nor is there any *reasonable* expectation of privacy.
  6. Murder is a public concern.
    It is our business (and yours). They are attacking our tiniest of neighbors. And we are commanded to love our neighbor as ourselves.
  7. These stories are newsworthy.
    When moms and dads take their kids into a killing facility (or kill them with pills at home) and Christians are trying to engage with them on the sidewalk or in online forums, a hostage situation has been established… and should be all over the news if we lived in a just society.
  8. Your tax dollars are involved.
    You and I are indirectly paying for many of these child sacrifices via our tax dollars. We’re involved in the situation.
  9. In order to VOTE wisely on these issues, we need to understand the minds of aborting mothers.
    Every time pro-life legislation comes up, you and I are VOTING on how the mothers may kill, what ages of children they may kill, where they may kill, and who may do the killing. You NEED these stories and direct quotes so that you can fully understand what the situations are so you can cast an educated vote. This information helps you cut through the political narrative and see abortion for what it is: murder.
  10. It helps us understand humanity accurately.
    These stories make Scripture come alive — especially Scripture that talks about human depravity.
  11. Knowing the victim’s stories helps us take responsibility for our inaction and silence.
    Many days there is no one is at the kill mills speaking up for these babies. Do you know if there are Christians doing Gospel outreach at the abortion mill in your town ALL the hours they are open? MANY women (and men) post publicly online about their plans to abort their sons and daughters and still no one speaks up for their babies. Our halls of justice echo with arguments over what ages of children are permitted to be butchered or what types of tools may be used in the process of butchering… rather than demands to abolish the violence all together.
  12. Women need to see the sin and depravity of abortion BEFORE they are the ones doing it.
    Approximately 1 in 4 women on your news feed and sitting beside you at church are pre-abortive. Some of you READING ON THIS SITE RIGHT NOW are pre-abortive for a baby you have yet to conceive. Getting these stories and the truth about abortion out into the public conversation is a critical part of changing minds and hearts BEFORE they reach the abortion mills.
  13. The Depravity of sin is real.
    People will argue to their graves that the human heart is not this wicked — well, maybe someone like ISIS or Hitler, but not civilized, educated Americans — despite the teaching of Romans One to the contrary. We must recognize the ugliness of sin, understand that without the Gospel of Jesus Christ there is no hope for sinners, and realize that without God’s grace we would be acting and speaking in exactly the same ways the women in these memes and stories do. As we read the quotes of actively aborting mothers, we must give thanks to God for His saving grace that restrains our OWN sin. Once we have given thanks for the work of God in our own lives, we must not hesitate to take the redeeming Message of Christ to sinners in desperate need of forgiveness and mercy.

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